I’m usually so focused on the teams I’m working with that you can count on me forgetting to introduce myself when we first meet. So let me be proper this time and share my story with you 

- even if we’ve already met.

I thrive the most when I’m met with complex issues other people would rather avoid. I’m extremely passionate about my work, and just as impatient to make an impact as my clients are.

I loved the culture at my first workplace because it gave me freedom and responsibility at the same time. Later on, I realized just how lucky I’d been to get my first work experience at a place like this because it’s far from the average.
Organizations seek innovation, ownership, inner drive and a go-getter attitude in their employees. But many of them still operate in structures that stifle those very qualities.

That’s what led me (and many ambitious people around me) to start working for myself.

As a freelance soft skill trainer, I encountered many ideas about better ways to work and lead, ones that set new standards for what we call business as usual. The future we could create by implementing them got me extremely excited.

How I got here

I’ve always loved to travel, so much so that for a while I thought I wanted to be a digital nomad. Then I realized what I enjoy about it so much: getting to know different cultures. Understanding how people with very different backgrounds think and see the world. 

I immerse myself into every new organizational culture with the same curiosity, and navigating the differences between people became my passion.

I originally studied to become a lawyer, and you could say that I changed professions, but the things law school has taught me are an integral part of the work I do today. Systems thinking, negotiations, and advocating for the interests of people are only a few of the approaches I can connect to my legal background.

I love to experiment and try new things, but I’m also dedicated to working with evidence-based methods, and those can be hard to come by in ‘soft’ areas like culture. This was my motivation for becoming a certified Radical Collaboration trainer, a framework that’s proven to build organizations that are both high-performing and human-centered.

Every program I design is a unique blend of the methodologies I’ve studied: Radical Collaboration, internal communications, coaching, facilitation, strengths-based approaches, design thinking and more. The result is always something custom-built for specific context and needs.

My mind lives in the future, which is terrible when I want to meditate, but super useful in my work. I usually get called when young, innovative, fast-growing companies reach a transition phase where what used to work doesn’t work so well anymore, they encounter growing pains, or simply want to take control of the story they are writing.

What they appreciate the most about our work together is my ability to get results fast and come up with creative solutions that kill multiple birds with one stone, that I work in a refreshingly friendly manner, and put into practice the abstract concepts others only talk about.

let’s build something great together


a toxic culture or an interpersonally unskilled boss are the main reasons someone quits their job. People want to feel respected and inspired, and see their values reflected in the workplace. This means a human-centered, collaborative culture is no longer a nice to have but an expectation our organizations must rise to meet.
And in my experience, many of them genuinely want to. What they’re lacking are the skills or the right structures to make their vision real.

In my workshops, talks and partnerships, I translate intangible things like psychological safety or team dynamics into strategic opportunities and actionable steps that will take you closer to the culture you wish to create.

see examples of my work

Mexico: My 3-day Radical Collaboration workshop in one of the founders, Jim Tamm's house. Also, my last big trip before Covid - luckily I used the excuse of this 3-day workshop and add 3 weeks of vacations to it to enjoy Mexico.

Colombia: My first longer sabbatical after intense periods of starting my own business and getting almost burnt out.

Lisbon: You can find me here every second month. At least. Working remotely, attending Websummit, getting to know the digital ecosystem, and mostly, eating pastel de nata and taking pictures of sunsets.

Paris: I had an intense coaching course and my first really impactful coaching conversation - in the Parisian subway while going home after the first day with one of my peers. We missed our stop because we were so immersed in the conversation. This is when I fell in love with coaching.

Belgium: I got certified as a Radical Collaboration trainer here and got even more passionate about the topic. So much that it was already during the training that I signed my first deal to deliver the full workshop for a client.

Berlin: So many work-related things happened in this city so far: a boost in my career at a leadership bootcamp, a course in new work, and working with a client. And for some reason, I've always had my career coaches from Berlin. Coincidence?

Slovenia: I participated in my first leadership retreat here in 2015. It was an intense personal development experience that set me on a journey of exploration of what I truly want to do professionally.

Budapest: My current base doing online workshops from my home office, deep work from a coworking office, or onsite at one of my client's offices.

Lithuania: I learned the basics of training delivery and learning design on a train-the-trainer retreat. Also where I became proficient in rolling paper tape perfectly so you can stick flipcharts on the wall flawlessly, which turned out to be a very important skill later on.

Cyprus: This is where I started to realize how complex facilitation is during an intense event about emotions, learning, and group dynamics. I also learned how to keep participants motivated when there is a pool 20 meters from your training room.

Thailand: My first trip where I tried being a "digital nomad" and working from anywhere and then realized it's not my thing.

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