You bring your organizational vision, I bring the tools to get you there.

Some issues take an external viewpoint to spot and an insider's understanding to solve. I'm great at treading that fine line. You get a true team member who can connect the dots, ask the right questions, and isn't afraid to challenge you. And by being involved with multiple organizations at the same time, I'm able to promote cross-pollination of best practices as well.

it all starts with a scoping session

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A strategy to tackle your reframed questions

If you have a hunch that working with me might help you solve some of your current organizational challenges, let's have a chat. All collaborations start with a scoping session where we explore your needs.

Together with HR and management, we explore the insights and translate them into growth opportunities and actionable steps you can implement on your own to improve collaboration long after my work is done. 

Defining next steps

As a collaboration strategist, I do a lot more than facilitate workshops or deliver programs. When people are in a (virtual) room together, I have access to a lot more information to connect the dots: I see everything that’s happening in the room through an interpersonal lens, constantly analyzing team dynamics to decode what’s actually going on during every interaction. At the end of each program, I gather and organize these insights for you.

Insight loop 

I use my insights to find the right frameworks, tools, and exercises to address your challenges. The interventions empower your team to face them head-on and come up with their own strategies for solving them.

Uniquely designed intervention path 

To make sure you get the most effective solution, I always involve stakeholders in the design process. I talk to a diverse group of people from your team to understand how they work and how they view the issues we’re trying to solve. This can bring to light recurring patterns that are really hard to spot for someone working on the inside.

Don’t worry though, I’m not the kind of consultant who takes 3 months to give you a ‘diagnosis’ of things you already knew. I know it's in your best interest to get results as fast as possible, so I embed the discovery phase in a way that already gives value to your organization.






Curious about projects I’ve worked on?

Explore the stories of companies I’ve worked with on making their level of collaboration measurable, implementing a feedback culture, teaching high-performing teams how to build mutually beneficial long-term partnerships, making meetings more effective when you work in diverse teams, and more. 

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Interested in working together but don’t know where to start?

I get you. 

This guide includes ideas and questions to help you get more clarity around your challenges.

It also includes an “a la carte” offering of my programs. They can serve as a conversation starter for our design process.

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Connect with me for a 60-minute scoping session, where we'll delve into your unique situation and develop strategies to transform your organization for the better.

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