Advanced collaboration skill development for building long-term partnerships

Company: Supercharge
IT service
Company size: 150+ employees
Location: London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Budapest
Project keywords: collaborative skillbuilding, presentation skill building, interest-based negotiation

The client

Supercharge is a next-generation digital innovation agency. They create digital strategies, delightful experiences and robust software for ambitious companies ready to shape the future. They are one of Europe’s fastest-growing tech companies, having opened offices in 3 new countries and almost tripling the number of their employees in the last 5 years.

I worked with the Sales team as part of an ongoing strategic partnership with Supercharge. They are the engine behind the company’s exceptional growth, responsible for building successful, value-creating long-term partnerships with clients.

Case study


When a company is built on long-term partnerships, interpersonal skills are crucial for success.The Sales team has to balance between the interests of the client, different departments within the organization, and the business as a whole. This means that when it comes to communication and negotiations, they need to be at the top of their game all the time, constantly solving problems and being flexible in their communication strategies when interacting with people with very different backgrounds and needs.


Goals of our collaboration

Our main goal with this project was to give them professional support and more advanced tools for building radically collaborative relationships both internally and with clients.

This involved:



Supercharge couldn’t have achieved the outstanding results they did if the Sales team wasn’t already highly skilled at what they do. It was a delight to work with extremely talented, ambitious and open people who already possess outstanding expertise.

How to support the development of highly skilled people? 

How to build collaborative partnerships with clients and internally? 

facilitating knowledge sharing within the team, learning from each other’s best practices in a structured way

building on their own, already developed communication style to increase empathy, adaptability and flexibility

increasing their understanding of interpersonal dynamics and motivations behind people’s behavior

further developing their negotiation and problem-solving skills by giving them a framework to decode even the most complex interpersonal situations

gaining insights about how to build long-term collaborative partnerships when tension and conflicting interests are inevitable

An intensive 3-day workshop covering overcoming defensiveness, navigating interests in negotiations and building long-term climates of trust.

Radical Collaboration workshop

Follow-up workshops

3 hours of follow-up workshops in the 3 quarters after the original training to ensure that team members can integrate the tools of Radical Collaboration into their everyday business reality.

We looked at the communication challenges they were currently facing in their work, translated them into the language of Radical Collaboration, and used the tools they had learned in the 3-day workshop to design solutions.

The follow-up sessions also introduced a structure for social learning, where team members gave feedback and shared best practices with each other. 

Presentation skills training

A 1-day advanced course built on the language and interpersonal insights gained during the Radical Collaboration workshop and the following development circle.

We integrated everything the team had learned and had already known about communication into a cohesive system, and applied it to presentations. They learned how to read the room not just from a business perspective, but from an interpersonal one as well. They also refined their strategies for setting the tone, crafting their message, structuring the presentation and delivering good or bad news based on a deeper understanding of the clients’ needs and interests beyond classic presentation know-how.

Project elements


Project outcomes

By combining intensive workshop days and a longer time frame for follow-ups and integration, this advanced training contributed to the conscious skills development of the already high-performing Sales team of Supercharge.

Team members gained deeper insight into their own attitudes and ineffective behaviors around collaboration, and identified their personal development points. They also learned how to negotiate more successfully and solve delicate interpersonal issues without damaging relationships.

They understood how to build and manage radically collaborative partnerships characterized by trust, openness, calculated risk-taking and creative productivity. 

The training helped them develop a common language and enriched their toolkit to solve problems in a collaborative way, and balance the sometimes conflicting interests of the client, the different departments working on a project, and the business itself. 

I knew that they managed to integrate the concepts from Radical Collaboration when I bumped into a team member in the office who enthusiastically told me how he is “sending 30s”, using the language of Radical Collaboration for expressing the improvements he made in his approach to building trust in collaborations.

The workshops served as an opportunity for collaborative problem solving, for exchanging best practices, and for giving and receiving feedback that all contributed to their team building as well. This means they became even more effective not only as individual sales people, but also as a team responsible for taking Supercharge and its clients to the future.


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