A custom-made keynote on collaboration for remote teams

Company: TIER
Company size: 900+ employees
Location: 19 countries
Project keywords: keynote speaking, remote teams, radical collaboration

The client

If you have ever lived in a big European city, you’ve probably come across the e-scooters of shared mobility company TIER. Despite being founded just a couple years ago in 2018, TIER already operates in 100+ cities in 19 countries. Their mission is to change mobility for good by providing people with electric vehicles to significantly reduce car traffic in cities. In line with their goals, they are also the first micro-mobility company to be fully climate-neutral.

In 2021, TIER acquired the Budapest-based development agency Makery, establishing the largest tech-focused hub outside of their headquarters in Berlin and London.

The Tech Hub organized a 2-day offsite event in Budapest for their employees to connect and learn from each other. I was invited as a keynote speaker to talk about radical collaboration.

Case study


I delivered a talk titled 12 Steps to Radical Collaboration to an audience of around 100 people, in English.

Project elements


Before I started working on my talk, I conducted interviews with the organizers to understand their business reality and their goals for the event, get to know the teams I’ll be presenting to, and learn a bit about their current challenges. 

With every project I do, my goal is to provide something that is tailored to the unique context and needs of my client. Even with an expert topic of mine like collaboration, I never just pull something out of a pre-made box and try to make my partners fit into it for my own convenience. It was no different for this keynote.

Scoping interviews with the organizers

A custom-designed 1-hour keynote on Radical Collaboration

Impact of our collaboration

Talking with the organizers allowed me to prepare a keynote that was meant to do more than just share general information on Radical Collaboration. For example, knowing that many people in the audience had never met each other in person, I included questions that could serve as conversation starters for people during the next break.

Based on what they’ve shared with me about the realities of their teams, I also focused on sharing hands-on, practical tips and examples that people could incorporate into their next meeting or other everyday interactions to make their teamwork more effective.

The talk received positive feedback, but an even bigger proof of its impact for me was that one of the teams contacted me later, saying that the way I approached collaboration in my presentation was intriguing and they wanted to learn more about how they could use it in their own teamwork. I designed a collaboration workshop for them, a project you can read more about here.


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