Welcome! I’m Kata.

An entrepreneur, a coach, a soft skill trainer and a business strategists.

Sometimes an OD consultant, a mentor or an internal communication specialist. I’m a real Y-gen professional and one label can’t describe my work anymore. All my projects have one thing in common: human beings in the centre. 

I believe that everyone deserves a job where they can express themselves. 

I help individuals find or create jobs that they love. I also help organizations and teams create a culture where people enjoy working. It’s like matchmaking between the goals of the organization and the personal goals of people.

As I coach I work with freethinking and sensitive high potential: founders, leaders, managers, corporate creatives, and aspiring entrepreneurs. My approach in a nutshell: delivering impressive results while having fun. I’m most ‘in the zone’ when I can tackle complex problems. 

My journey

With a law degree under my belt and years of experience as a communication specialist, my life took another turn when I realized that I’m most passionate about developing people and teams. I’m fascinated by how people collaborate, how natural yet tricky and difficult it is when humans interact.

I believe that our worklife is evolving into something more meaningful. We don’t only work to get a monthly paycheck anymore, but to express ourselves, to contribute, to live our dreams, to find fulfilment, joy, and belonging. We’re all becoming the artists of our lives.

We want to bring our whole self to work and see how we contribute to making the world a better place. Organizations need to prepare for this. There won’t be a ‘professional’ and a ‘personal’ side of people anymore: only humans with their unique passions and personal missions. And with their raw humanness: their emotions, their ups and downs, their different ways of thinking. It’s a radical transformation and I’m dedicated to helping individuals and organizations co-create the future of work.

I also walk the talk and craft the worklife that fulfils me the most. I find great challenge and passion in entrepreneurship where I can really use my creative power. I feed my curiosity with traveling; during winter you’ll probably find me in a warm place immersing in the local culture, learning a new language, hiking mountains, wildcamping, or hitting the road with friends I’ve just met.

The travel bug helped me uncover my true passion: getting to know new cultures and learning the best from all of them. For me a company culture is just as interesting as a foreign culture, so I jump in with curiosity, attention, listening, and empathy to really understand how people function there. I learn from them and challenge them. And I don’t accept ‘because that’s how we did it before’ as an answer.

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How can I help?

1on1 coaching sessions

Fast track and individual attention

You get all my attention so that you can focus on yourself. Together we transform your confusion into clarity and get you on a fast track to achieving your next big goal. We take one step at a time. Whether it’s finding your passion, going through a transition phase, dreaming about freelancing, entrepreneurship, or going through the ups and downs of leading an organization or a team, I’ll help you see the solutions.

Work together

• career change • navigating transitions • finding your passion •
• entrepreneurship • challenges of founders • leadership development •

Improve your workplace

See how your workplace can improve

I see organizations through a special lens: with the human element in focus. As an external I can connect dots that people on the inside might not see. I scan for pain points where collaboration might get tricky and help you find new solutions together with the team. When you realize how much room for growth there is, we plan continuous improvement to become a high performing team. As a consultant with experiences from many industries and a big interest in how people work together, I can also bring you new ideas on effective collaboration.

Work together

• collaboration • internal communication • team roles and responsabilities •
• team rituals • vision and mission • company purpose •

Learning experience programmes

Trainings, workshops, meeting facilitation

Developing people is most successful when it’s aligned with the company’s goals and HR strategy. I design and facilitate custom-made, unique learning programmes for the needs of the organization and the participants. My approach is ‘training from the back of the room’: I leave space for participants to explore topics through their own experience, which is very different than educating them.

Work together

• effective communication • collaboration and teamwork • creative confidence • design thinking • emotions at work • self-awareness •
• human-centered leadership •

Creating creative cultures

Implementing new ways of working

There are those places you enter where you feel the creative energies vibrating in the air. Some companies are able to create such microclimates in big multinationals as well. Creativity can flourish with the right combination of freedom and structure. There is a sweet spot where people feel energized and at their creative best while producing extraordinary outcomes in a shorter time. If you are leading a small or mid-sized company or have the freedom to implement new ways of working in your team, get in touch to see how you can co-create a truly creative working environment.

Work together

• creative structures • self-management • new ways of working •
• holocracy and sociocracy • location independent collaboration •
• creative leadership • co-creative processes •

Radical Collaboration

Master your collaboration skills

Radical Collaboration® is a methodology for building high-trust relationships in order to improve efficiency, productivity, innovation and agility. Often workplaces lack sufficient collaboration skills which wastes time and resources. They are less creative, have higher employee turnover, lower trust, longer lead times and lower employee satisfaction. With the knowledge gained at a Radical Collaboration workshop your working culture will become highly collaborative, by creating a high trust environment with mustual support, cooperation, healthy risk taking, honesty and openness.

Work together

• collaboration skills • problem solving • trust building •
• interpersonal risk taking • negotiation skills • psychological safety •
• collaborative culture •

Purpose Prototyping program

A program for career transitions

Purpose Prototyping is a program for you to work on your current career goals in a mastermind group. Mastermind groups are intimate groups of 4-6 people who decide to commit to supporting each other for a definite period of time. There’s a lot of power in sharing experiences and having an accountability group where people follow up on your progress. I take care of the curation and make sure the right people will end up in the right group. I ensure that people quickly get to a level of trust where they are ready to give radically honest feedback to each other. I also support my groups as a coach and a facilitator to enable real progress. We also have a lot of fun, network, bond and celebrate each other’s successes. If you want to join a Purpose Prototyping group, get in touch with me to see when the next round is.

Work together

• collective intelligence • accountability group • radical honesty •
• curated teams • facilitated process • sharing the journey•
• achieving milestones •

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What clients say

András Tessényi, CEO, Supercharge

To manage our fast growth and international expansion it was imperative for us to train our expanding team’s professional communication and presentation skills. For this organisational challenge Kata designed and led an exciting and very efficient training program for the team. Three months into the program we already started noticing significant improvement so right after we decided to expand the reach of the training to more members of the team. I am happy to recommend Kata to any company in any sector who is looking to work with a highly professional, dynamic and effective coach to improve communication and presentation skills across teams.

Andrea Ullmann, Manager, European Dental Exclusive Marketing at Henry Schein

I regularly work with Kata and I’m always amazed by how she helps me grow. With her way of questioning the status quo, her curiosity, and her fresh ideas, she really helps me find the right answers to the right questions to get to the next level. Despite her youth, she is extremely mature, and capable of supporting people with a lot more experience. I recommend Kata for anyone/any company who wants to try new ways in a driven, results-oriented yet playful way.

Benedek Molnár, CEO, Arsboni

I met Kata 3 years ago and since then we have collaborated on many training programs and coaching projects. Kata has also been a successful speaker and workshop leader at many of our events. Her professionalism and competence comes together with extreme enthusiasm which makes our work together not only highly effective but also very enjoyable.

Rita Barany, Business Director, Global Investment at Omnicom Media Group

From the very first session, we had great chemistry. Kata was very easy to talk to, she listened throughout and challenged me as needed, asking great questions and pointing out blind spots I would have overlooked otherwise. She was easy to build trust with, we had a lot of fun, she was also very knowledgeable and shared loads of great tips on how I can take learnings even further in my free time (lots of reading, podcasts and exercises). I really felt that the quality of coaching I received was top notch.
I could immediately see results, but after session 2 my whole energy changed, I switched from someone who wanted to quit their job to a person who was trying to find ways to make their role work for them even better.
4 months of weekly & bi-weekly coaching with Kata helped me find my 'lost' self. I started to put in place personal objectives to get me out of my comfort zone and was so proud of myself when I delivered on them. I can wholeheartedly recommend Kata as a coach to anyone who feels they are stuck in their career and who wants to develop professionally.

Judit Tóth, HR Business Partner, Siemens

I have been working with Kata on our Local Talent Program at Siemens, she has been contributing to the success of the program as trainer and coach for 2 years now. Kata can easily work together with both talents and senior managers, for whom she has held a training in English to prepare them for their mentor role in the program. During trainings Kata always brings in new perspectives, with her ideas and personal stories she makes participants think about and reflect on their own behaviour. She introduces theories in a way that is tailored to the audience and uses extremely creative visuals. Due to her positive energy and enthusiasm there is always a good atmosphere in her trainings, which inspires participants to share their ideas and be open to positive and negative feedback as well. Kata is a credible professional for me, I have never been disappointed in the quality of her trainings, I would be happy to work with her on any project in the future.

Companies I’ve worked with

I’ve already worked with the following clients as a trainer or coach. With some of them I have a stronger collaboration and support them in their talent management and learning and development strategy.

You can also find me at...

I’m a Global Ambassador at The Arc, an intense mastermind of purpose driven individuals across Europe and beyond. The Arc coaches young visionaries to a level where their impact is inspirational to themselves and to others. We do it by organizing bootcamps, mastermind dinners and curating a challenging and supporting community of doers offline and online.

Engame is a place I wish I had when I was at high school. They we work with talented high school students to help them find their place in the world, live up to their potential and find the most suitable higher education programme and career choice for them. I help students by delivering non-formal educational seminars on life skills and by tutoring them on their career choice.

The three founders of Divine Souls’ Mission created a retreat for ambitious women to get out from their everyday life, reconnect to themselves, gain new perspectives and get back to balance. The retreat happens in Bali where the cultural experience is mixed with yoga, meditation and self-development programmes. I support the October 2019 retreat as a trainer and a coach, providing safe spaces for participants for self exploration.

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Send me a message if you think we would be a good match to collaborate. Tell me a bit more about you and your current challenge and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you don’t have a very clear idea about how I could help you or your team, that’s even better, let’s just grab a (virtual) coffee and brainstorm together!